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SOTHEBY’S. Londra, 7 dicembre 2011

La vendita serale di “Old Master” ha totalizzato 20,074,500 GBP (31,364,399 USD – 23,437,051 EUR) con 26 lotti venduti su 38 offerti. (Evening + Day: £25,450,675).

Alex Bell, Sotheby’s Co-Chairman, Old Master Paintings, Worldwide, ha commentato: “These strong results bring Sotheby’s global sales of Old Master & British Paintings in 2011 to a year-end total of £163,875,057 / $255,747,567, representing an eleventh successive year of leading in Old Master Paintings auction sales. Our international sale strategy of offering carefully selected works, matched with attractive estimates, has continued to be well received by our international buyers – an increasing proportion of whom are from new markets.”  Andrew Fletcher

, Sotheby’s Director and Specialist in Old Master Paintings ha commentato: “We are extremely pleased that our offering of sensibly priced, fresh-to-market works have resulted in a sale total that ranks as the third-highest total for a Day Sale of Old Master and British paintings at Sotheby’s. Following on from our Evening auction sale of a pair of exceptional paintings by Johann Zoffany, again in our Day Sale we saw the market respond with great enthusiasm to British Paintings, and we have also witnessed very strong demand for Early Italian works.”


Lotto 38

Aggiudicato a: £6,761,250 ($10,563,777) (€7,893,784)

Stima: £6,000,000 – 8,000,000 Anonymous
Johann Zoffany, The Garden at Hampton House, with Mr and Mrs Garrick Taking Tea; and The Shakespeare Temple at Hampton House,
with Mr and Mrs David Garrick, oil on canvas, a pair

Lotto 17

Aggiudicato a: £4,857,250 ($7,588,967) (€5,670,857)

Stima: £4,500,000 – 6,000,000 Anonymous
Jan Havicksz. Steen, An Elegant Company in an Interior with Figures Playing Cards at a Table, oil on single plank oak panel

Lotto 37

Aggiudicato a: £1,497,250 ($2,339,303) (€1,748,045)

Stima: £600,000 – 800,000 UK Trade
Joseph Wright of Derby, Virgil’s Tomb by Moonlight, oil on canvas

Lotto 10

Aggiudicato a: £1,385,250 ($2,164,315) (€1,617,284)

Stima: £800,000 – 1,200,000 Private Collector
Lucas Cranach II, Portrait of a Lady, Three-Quarter Length, in a Green Velvet and Orange Dress and a Pearl-Embroidered Black Hat, oil on

Lotto 19

Aggiudicato a: £657,250 ($1,026,887) (€767,342)

Stima: £300,000 – 400,000 Private Collector
Salomon van Ruysdael, An Estuary Scene with a Kaag close-hauled in a light breeze and other small vessels beyond, An Estuary Scene with a
Kaag running before a light breeze, and other similar beyond, oil on panel, a pair

Lotto 16

Aggiudicato a: £481,250 ($751,905) (€561,861)

Stima: £400,000 – 600,000 Anonymous
David Teniers the Younger, A Guardroom Scene with Tric-Trac Players in the foreground, oil on copper

Lotto 33

Aggiudicato a: £457,250 ($714,407) (€533,841)

Stima: £250,000 – 350,000 Private Collector
Francesco Guardi, Venice, Piazza San Marco with the Basilica and the Campanile, oil on panel

Lotto 2

Aggiudicato a: £433,250 ($676,910) (€505,821)

Stima: £400,000 – 600,000 Trade
Bernardo Daddi, The Central Panel of a Tabernacle: The Madonna and Child enthroned flanked by four Angels and Saints John the Baptist
and Peter, tempera on panel, gold ground, shaped top

Lotto 4

Aggiudicato a: £385,250 ($601,915) (€449,781)

Stima: £60,000 – 80,000 Private Collector
Andrea Solario and Studio, Ecce Homo, oil on panel

Lotto 13

Aggiudicato a: £313,250 ($489,422) (€365,720)

Stima: £100,000 – 150,000 Private Collector
Jacob Grimmer, The Massacre of the Innocents, oil on oak panel

Lotto 12

Aggiudicato a: £313,250 ($489,422) (€365,720)

Stima: £60,000 – 80,000 Trade
Close Associate of Adam Elsheimer, circa 1610, St. John the Baptist in the wilderness, oil on copper

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