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CHRISTIE’S. Londra, 15 aprile 2010 


La vendita “Oriental Rugs and Carpets” ha totalizzato £ 8,235,250 ($12,746,619 €9,345,874) con 140 lotti venduti su 246 offerti. William Robinson, Senior Director, Islamic Art, Rugs and Carpets:  “This sale was enormously enjoyable to take as auctioneer and doubles the highest total achieved in this category at Christie’s. It was led by the magnificent Kirman ‘vase’ carpet which became not only the most valuable carpet ever sold at auction but also the most expensive Islamic work of art. The sale in terms of content was the strongest at Christie’s for some years, this, coupled with a very lively market for Islamic art demonstrated this week, combined to achieve this extraordinary result. The best quality Persian town carpets are again clearly in great demand with prices powerfully driven by private buyers from a wide variety of countries.”

Lotto 100






Estimate (£)


Purchase Price

100 A Kirman ‘vase’ carpet, South-East Persia, mid-17th century World Record for Any Islamic Work of Art & World Record for Any Carpet



200,000-300,000 £6,201,250


50 A ‘Variant’ star Ushak carpet, West Anatolia, last quarter 15th century or first quarter 16th century 50,000-80,000 £265,250


76 A silk and metal-thread Heriz rug, signed Rajab,North WestPersia, early 19th century 40,000-60,000 £133,250


192 A Bakshaish carpet, North West Persia, circa 1880 30,000-40,000 £55,250


20 A silk and metal thread Koum Kapi rug by Zareh Penyamin, Istanbul, Turkey, circa 1910 25,000-30,000 £51,650


223 A Saber Meshed carpet, signed by Saber, North East Persia, circa 1940 40,000-60,000 £51,650


103 A Fereghan Millefleurs prayer rug, West Persia, late 18th or early 19th century 35,000-50,000 £49,250


19 A silk and metal-thread Koum Kapi rug, by Zareh Penyamin, Istanbul, Turkey, circa 1910 25,000-35,000 £46,850


87 A Kirman Masha-ir carpet by Muhammad Ibn Ja’far, South East Persia, circa 1910 25,000-35,000 £43,250


164 A silk Koum Kapi rug, Istanbul, Turkey, circa 1920 18,000-20,000 £43,250


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