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Un Picasso da 50 milioni di $ in asta da Sotheby’s


L’highlight della Evening Sale di Arte Impressionista e Moderna di Sotheby’s a New York del prossimo 5 novembre sarà un dipinto di Pablo Picasso che ritrae Marie-Thérèse Walter, la sua musa, realizzato nel marzo del 1932, “Nature morte aux tulipes”. E’ stimato tra i 35 e i 50 milioni di dollari. Sarà esposto a Hong Kong  dal 4 al 7 ottobre e a Londradal 10 al 16 ottobre.

Simon Shaw, capo del dipartimento di Arte Impressionista e Moderna di Sotheby’s New York, ha dichiarato: “We are honored to be entrusted this stunning image of Marie-Thérèse, one of the legendary series of pictures that made Picasso the most famous artist in the world. The young woman, with her Grecian profile and athletic, statuesque frame, inspired Picasso’s greatest achievements in a variety of media. Nature morte aux tulipes is exceptional within the series for its double-meditation on this subject, demonstrating the influence of Surrealism on his output: the artist builds a sculpture of Marie-Thérèse, and then paints that sculpture as a sexually-charged still life, allowing him to dissect her form on many levels. The work comes to auction from an important private collection, and was last seen at auction in 2000 when it sold for $28.6 million.”

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