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Girls in London. Tacita Dean & Alba Hodsoll

A picture of the English artist Tacita Dean. A picture of the English artist Tacita Dean
A picture of the English artist Tacita Dean.
A picture of the English artist Tacita Dean

London. Some works by english artist Tacita Dean will be displayed in three major museums. Born in 1965 and better known for her film works and pictures, Dean has an interesting perspective on films, as it shows a painterly representation in most of them.

The two shows which already opened are “Still Life” at the National Gallery and “Portrait” at the National Portrait Gallery. While the first one is smaller and intimate, the second one features some famous art personalities: there is for instance David Hockney smoking in his LA studio and Mario Medz wandering around in a lawn. The third, titled “Landscape” will be open at the Royal Academy in May.

Usually, her type of art could be seen as difficult to engage with, as there are few particular expressions or movements in the films, but the audience will remain thrilled by some poetic moments captured by Dean.


The Cob Gallery is located in the heart of Camden, London, and displays plenty of prominent artists such as Robert Montgomery. Its white cube space is not subjected to usual artwork but a more analysed use of artists from different backgrounds.


Now Cob Gallery is presenting the exhibition SEED by the artist Alba Hodsoll, which explores the relation between sexuality, eroticism and aesthetic pleasure, using an implicit language to showcase bold imagery. Her work on two and three dimension is translated in a set of sculptural and painted pieces.

The title SEED also suggests that the exhibition is also interested in showing interpretations of the idea of reproduction. The Gallery also hosted recently FORM, the first part of a three made series involving various artists: this rather interesting project presents fresh eyes towards very different aspects: FORM, SUBJECT and MATERIAL. It is quite unusual as the gallery usually hosts artworks made by just one artist.

This three series project will be presented through the course of 2018.

From the 15th March to 7th April
The Cob Gallery
205 Royal Street NW1 0SG London

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