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Art Fair Tokyo – luglio 2011

A causa del terremoto che ha colpito il Giappone lo scorso marzo la principale fiera d’arte e antiquariato del paese era stata posticipata: dalla primavera all’estate. Art Fair Tokyo si svolgerà infatti dal 29 al 31 luglio 2011. Gli espsositori sono circa 133 in maggioranza giapponesi ma si segnalano, seppur in numero limitato, tra Exhibition hall e sezione Project anche rappresentanti stranieri: indiani, coreani, taiwanesi, cinesi ed europei. Una sola galleria italiana, Berengo Studio 1989 di Venezia che espone insieme alla Shintao Akatsu gallery.


Art Fair Tokyo è la fiera più importante del Giappone, nacque nel 1992 come Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF) ma a causa della bolla speculativa e la crisi che ne seguì negli anni Novanta era caduta in disgrazia. Nel 2005 è partito il rilancio col nuovo nome: Art Fair Tokyo, ampliando l’offerta commerciale, non solo arte contemporanea ma anche arte antica e all’arte nihonga.


Fitto è il programma di eventi collaterali e l’offerta di iniziative che circondano la fiera, molti di questi avranno uno scopo benefico, tutto rivolto alla raccolta fondi per la Croce Rossa giapponese a favore delle vittime del terremoto Kanto-Tohoku.

Reina Taniho, Relief, 2010, pigmenti su carta, 19,1 x 33,4 cm, courtesy Kobayashi gallery

comunicato stampa
ART FAIR TOKYO is the largest fair of its kind in Japan, featuring high-quality domestic and international galleries covering a wide range of genres and periods from antiques, arts and crafts, nihonga, and modern art to contemporary art. ART FAIR TOKYO began in 2005, and since 2007, it has been held at the Tokyo International Forum every April during the cherry blossom season. ART FAIR TOKYO offers the opportunity to enjoy and acquire art across genres and periods, and celebrates the strength and vibrancy of Tokyo’s art scene.


ART FAIR TOKYO 2010, held in April, attracted a record 50,000 visitors over its four days (including the preview day). Art fans and patrons from around the world came together, and generated vibrant sales throughout the fair. This success proved beyond doubt that ART FAIR TOKYO had established an international reputation as one of Japan’s leading art fairs. Furthermore, ART FAIR TOKYO has, over the years, become widely recognized within Japan and, at the same time, its organizational structure has been bolstered significantly.


ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 will be held with an international vision of ‘Tokyo as a city within Asia’. Not only by holding a regular fair but by improving its related-events and peripheral programs, ART FAIR TOKYO will make every effort to open art to society within Japan. We are therefore most pleased to welcome the participation of Deutsche Bank Group as our Main Sponsor of ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 for the first time, with its commitment to art for the new ideas and perspectives it spawns. ART FAIR TOKYO will develop into a new, original fair, distinguished from those held in Basel, London and Hong Kong.


At the same time as ART FAIR TOKYO will be held in Tokyo, Japan’s capital city in which traditional and modern culture exist side-by-side, we will collaborate with various members of the vibrant local art scene to showcase its attractions carefully, yet dynamically, to the world.

(Takahiro Kaneshima – ART FAIR TOKYO Executive Director)


Message from the Main Sponsor


Deutsche Bank Group (Japan) is honoured to be the main sponsor of ART FAIR TOKYO 2011, the largest art fair in Japan.


Deutsche Bank Group is a leading global financial institution operating in 73 countries, offering unparalleled products and services in investment banking, commercial banking, asset management and other financial businesses, worldwide.


At Deutsche Bank Group we regard our corporate social responsibility as an investment in society and in our own future. By living-up to our corporate social responsibilities, we build social capital in all the regions in which we operate, and we choose to do this by focusing on five areas of activities, including art, music and education.


Our approach to our commitment to art is best described by our motto, “Art works”. In line with this motto, we leverage our collection of over 56,000 works by displaying them in more than 900 of our offices worldwide, offering our employees, clients and visitors access to these highlight pieces of contemporary art. Through our commitment to art, we also support the development of young talented artists and promote projects that provide children with an opportunity to unfold their hidden potential in a new world through contemporary art. We are also well known as a patron of art through our main sponsorship of the Frieze Art Fair in London and the Hong Kong International Art Fair.


This year marks an important anniversary in the history of the close relationship between Germany and Japan, the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation signed in 1861. We are therefore especially honoured to be a part of the ART FAIR TOKYO in 2011, to support its initiative to develop an international art fair based in Japan. It is our sincere hope that ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 succeeds in broadening the audience that art attracts, and to help its audience in discovering meaning in the art they encounter.


Special Exhibition “Artistic Practices”


Starting from 2011, ART FAIR TOKYO will be setting up a new section within our PROJECTS program. This will be a special exhibition that retraces the first decade of the 21st century. This year, the artists selected for inclusion are Taro SHINODA and Tadasu TAKAMINE. They were chosen through responses to a questionnaire received from 100 persons well-versed in art who had been nominated by the PROJECTS Artistic Committee. This special exhibition aims not only to offer an opportunity for contemporary artworks to be showcased within a new context, but also to function as a platform for interactive communication among Asians and for exploring the Asian sense of nature and a new source of energy through artworks and related talk events.

Reference: Questionnaire Questions
Q1. How would you call the first decade of the 21st century within the Japanese contemporary art context if a title/name would be given?
Q2.Name one artist that produces phenomenal works with interesting conceptual views, who never was in the spotlight within the Japanese contemporary art context during the first decade of the 21st century.


Taro SHINODA was born in 1964 in Tokyo, where he still lives today. SHINODA is an Artist well known for his sculptures and large-scaled installations. He studied landscape gardening. After working as a gardener, he became an artist. His works vary widely, drawings and video to three-dimensional works, but his themes always revolve around his unique sense of the universe.
Major solo exhibitions include “LUNAR REFLECTIONS” (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – Boston) in 2009, “Engawa Site Project (ESP)” (REDCAT -Los Angeles) in 2005, and “God Hand” (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art -Hiroshima) in 2002. Major group exhibitions include “SENSING NATURE” (Mori Art Museum) in 2010 , International Istanbul Biennale in 2007, Busan Biennale in 2006, and
“SKY-HIGH” (KPO Kirin Plaza) in 2005
In Artistic Practices, various two-dimensional works on aluminum will be exhibited for the first time.



Tadasu TAKAMINE was born in 1968 in Kagoshima, and currently lives in Shiga. TAKAMINE is an Artist and Stage Director. From the early 1990’s, he started to conduct various performances, and joined Dumb Type between 1993 and 1997. He now employs a diverse range of media, including installation, video, photography, performance, and others.
Major solo exhibitions include “Too Far To See” (Yokohama Museum of Art, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art) in 2011, “Good House, Nice Body” (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) and “SUPERCAPACITORS” (Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art) in 2010, and “BIG REST – Gardening for the Future 1095㎡” (Sendai Mediatheque) in 2008. Furthermore, he has participated in various large international and group exhibitions, including AICHI TRIENNALE and “Roppongi Crossing 2010 Can There Be Art?” (Mori Art Museum) in 2010 and the Venice Biennale in 2003.
At Artistic Practices, he is planning to exhibit the works from his “SUPERCAPACITOR” series, in which he has sought to create a durable, harmless and low-cost device for the storage of electricity and also an electric double-layer capacitor since 2008.


Related-Program 1:

Talk Series “Dialogues in Art”

In addition to the regular ART FAIR TOKYO talk series, which focuses on unique topics such as art collections, we will hold a symposium and various talk sessions to explore the relationship between society and art in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

To Overcome Struggles Through Art

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, there have been remarkable changes in our everyday lifestyles. Now we understand the fragility of our social infrastructure, how should we face the reality currently happening in Japan? In this symposium, artists and architects explore the way to overcome this exceptional situation through the creativity of art. It is art that has always suggested new directions for the next generation.

Scheduled Speakers: Taro SHINODA (Artist), Haruaki TANAKA (Organizer, co-lab / Director, Harumaki Project / Architect /
Artist), Kenji YANOBE (Artist), Tetsuya OZAKI (Publisher/editor-in-chief of “REALTOKYO” and “REALKYOTO”/Guest Professor of the Kyoto University of Art and Design)
Date and Hours: Friday, July 29, 2011 18:30 ~ 20:30
Venue: Tokyo International Forum G402
Fee: 1,000 yen(Free of Charge only if presenting ART FAIR TOKYO 1 DAY Free Pass)
Seats: 100

Discussion on ART FAIR TOKYO

Having directed ART FAIR TOKYO’s new experimental project “Artistic Practices”, the AFT Executive Director and two members of the PROJECTS Artistic Committee will exchange ideas on the fair’s prospects, the potential for Tokyo as a city within Asia, and the kind of art that can only be made in this region. *Title subject to change
Speakers: HU Fang (Artistic Director, Vitamin Creative Space), Bora HONG (Director, Gallery FACTORY),
Takahiro KANESHIMA (Executive Director, ART FAIR TOKYO)
Date and Hours: Saturday, July 30, 2011 13:00 ~ 14:30
(Shin Tokyo Building 3-3-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)
Fee: 1,000 yen (Free of Charge only if presenting ART FAIR TOKYO 1 DAY Free Pass)
Seats: 60
In Cooperation with: MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. / IDÉE CO., LTD.
*Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

The Era of the Art Collector

In this talk session, we highlight the creativity of art collectors. Recently, art collectors have taken on an important and influential role in the art world. Their unique collections, each shaped by their unique perspectives, sometimes dominate museum exhibitions. How do such collectors approach the art world? We discuss how art collectors support art – how, in fact, their support has become essential.

Speakers: Rudy TSENG (Art collector), Daisuke MIYATSU (Art collector)
Moderator: Mami KATAOKA (Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Date and Hours: Saturday, July 30 15:30 ~17:00
(Shin Tokyo Building 3-3-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo)
Fee: 1,000 yen (Free of Charge only if presenting ART FAIR TOKYO 1 DAY Free Pass)
Seats: 60
In Cooperation with: MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD. / IDÉE CO., LTD.
*Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available


How to Apply: Send an e-mail to



Related-Program 2: Charity Programs


Art Fan!

As ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 has postponed to summer, a special booth called “Art Fan!” will be set up, providing uchiwas (: fans). Two “Art Fan!” projects will take place as partnerships between participating galleries and Deutsche Bank Group.

Venue: Tokyo International Forum
“Art Fan!” special booth in the Lobby Gallery (outside of the entrance, 1 DAY Free Pass not required)

Project 1: Collaboration with ART FAIR TOKYO Committee and Participating Galleries
Artists from the exhibiting galleries at ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 will voluntarily create artworks using uchiwas which will then be displayed and sold at a special booth within the venue. Profits from the sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society towards the recovery effort for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Dates: July 28 – July 31, 2011 (the same dates as ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 including the preview day)
Fan price: Set price (5,000 yen)

Project 2: Collaboration between ART FAIR TOKYO and Deutsche Bank Group
Workshops for children using uchiwas will be held by artists who have conducted earthquake-recovery activities. Anyone can participate and draw pictures, even outside the workshop hours.
Dates: July 29 – July 31, 2011 (two or three times each day in the afternoon)
Scheduled participating artists, organizations: Ichiji-gahaku, Ichiro ENDO, and others

Art Prints

Portfolios, catalogues, and postcards provided by participating galleries will be on sale at a special booth set within the venue. Profits from sales will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society for the recovery effort for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Dates: July 28 – July 31, 2011(same dates as ART FAIR TOKYO 2011, including the preview day)
Venue: “Art Prints” special booth at Exhibition Hall 1
Price: Set prices (1,000 yen, 500 yen, 100 yen) *to be confirmed


Related-Program 3: Other Programs


Special Exhibition of Deutsche Bank Collection

Art builds. Art questions. Art transcends borders. Art works.
That’s why Deutsche Bank Group for more than thirty years has been opening up the world of contemporary art to the public through its own substantial collection, its exhibitions, and its joint projects with partners around the world. Commemorating 150 years of close relationship between Germany and Japan, this special exhibition will present a selection from the Deutsche Bank Collection, works on paper, which are in the focus of the collection, of two renowned German artists, Rupprecht GEIGER, and Joseph BEUYS, and of two contemporary Japanese artists, Tadashi KAWAMATA and Rika NOGUCHI, at the ART FAIR TOKYO VIP Lounge.

Rupprecht GEIGER
Rupprecht GEIGER was born in 1908 in Munich. GEIGER was a German painter, sculptor, and architect. While working as an architect, he created abstract paintings, and eventually received appraise and was recognized as a pioneer in Germany for color field paintings. He had participated in documenta several times between the 1950’s and 1970’s and served as a professor of painting at Staatlichen Kunstakademie Düsseldorf between 1965 and 1976. He died in 2009 in Munich.

Joseph BEUYS
Joseph BEUYS was born in 1921 in the Northern German city, Krefeld and died in 1986 in Düsseldorf. BEUYS was more than just a German contemporary artist, but thinker, educator, and social activist. In addition to his artistic career including his three-dimensional artworks comprised of organic materials such as fat, felt, and stone, and his gigantic installation, he had actively conducted various performances and public discussions with students and politicians. His thought including the idea of “social sculpture” in which an individual participates to shape a society with creativity gave one of the most important impulse on the art scene after the latter 20th century and influenced Deutsche Bank’s commitment to contemporary art from the very beginning.

Tadashi KAWAMATA was born in 1953 in Hokkaido. KAWAMATA received international acclaim not only in Japan, but mainly in the West for his work method of art called “work in progress” developed beyond the artistic context. At the age of 28, he participated in the Venice Biennale in 1982. In 1999, he became a professor of Inter Media Art Course, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music upon the establishment of the course. In 2005, he served as an Artistic Director of Yokohama Triennale 2005. He currently serves as a professor of the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France.

Rika NOGUCHI was born in 1971 in Saitama. NOGUCHI is a photographer who currently lives in Berlin. She has received international recognition with her themes and her artworks capturing a unique sense of distance which is appraised as representing the nature of photography. She graduated from the Department of Photography, College of Art in Nihon University in 1994, and received The 1996 Grand Prize of New Cosmos of Photography. Her solo and group exhibitions have been held in Japan and overseas. In 2002, she received the 52nd Minister of Education’s Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists.

Special Video Program “Body Talks? -Silence Beyond

In the Special Video Program, a special theater screening will be held of selected video artworks predominantly by artists included in ART FAIR TOKYO 2011. The works will be assembled on the theme of ‘the human body’. The program will consist of two types of screenings: one an omnibus, in which short video artworks of participating artists is assembled; and the other a special program closely introducing each artist.

Participating Artists: Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Meiro KOIZUMI, SHIMURABROS., Chie MATSUI, Hiroharu MORI,
Curators: Keisuke OZAWA (Associate Director, ART FAIR TOKYO / Curator, AIT)
Kenichi KONDO (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Dates: Thursday, July 28 – Friday, August 5, 2011 11:00 ~18:00
Admission: Free
Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 27 18:00 ~ 20:00 Screened an omnibus program only.
Venue: SYMPOSIA (Axis Bldg. B1, 5-17-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Organizer: ART FAIR TOKYO Committee
In Cooperation with: SYMPOSIA, SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Taka Ishii Gallery, MEM, ShugoArts, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Yumiko Chiba Associates, Chi-Wen Gallery, Mori Art Museum, Arts Initiative Tokyo [AIT]
Technical Support by: ARTISTS`GUILD

ART FAIR TOKYO Cooperative Events

Commemorative Exhibition for 150 Years of Friendship between Germany and Japan: “The Special Viewing of Deutsche Bank Collection” – Gerhard RICHTER & Naoya HATAKEYAMA (Re-opened)

“The Special Viewing of Deutsche Bank Collection“, which was originally held from March 3 – April 4, 2011, will be re-opened at the following times. It will include artworks by Gerhard RICHTER and Naoya HATAKEYAMA selected especially from the collection held by the Tokyo office. This viewing will coincide with ART FAIR TOKYO 2011 and is designed for viewers who might have missed the previous presentation due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Dates and Hours: Friday, July 1, 2011 – Friday, July 29, 2011 10:00 ~ 18:00 on Weekdays
*Friday, July 29 is the first day of the ART FAIR TOKYO Public Viewing.
Venue: SPACE NIO (Nikkei Bldg. 2F,
Admission: Free
Organizer: SPACE NIO
In Cooperation with: ART FAIR TOKYO Committee

informazioni utili:
First Choice (special preview): Thursday, July 28 4:00pm-6:00pm
Opening Preview: Thursday, July 28 6:00pm-9:00pm
Public Viewing: Friday, July 29 11:00am-9:00pm
Saturday, July 30 11:00am-8:00pm
Sunday, July 31 10:30am-5:00pm
(The hour of the last admission is 30 mins before the closing.)
(Opening hours is subject to change due to the electricity demand.)
Venue I: Tokyo International Forum, B2F Exhibition Hall 1 (approx 3,000㎡)
Venue II: PROJECTS: Tokyo International Forum, Lobby Gallery 1, 2 (approx 560㎡)
133 galleries (Exhibition Hall: 107 / Lobby Gallery [PROJECTS]:26)

1 DAY Free Pass: 1,500 yen (tax included)
Children below elementary school are free (They must be accompanied by adults)
*1 DAY Free Pass allows multiple entries during one day.
*Admission free for visitors coming from the quake-affected areas.
1 DAY Free Pass: 1,200 yen (tax included) available from Wednesday, June 1 to Saturday, July 30
・Ticket Pia [P-Code: 764-702] (tel: 0570-02-9999)
・LAWSON TICKET [L-Code: 39669] (tel: 0570-000-777)
・e-plus []
・JTB [JTB-Code: 0229878, which can be purchased at major convenience stores]

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