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Molti capolavori in asta questa primavera da Christie’s, in mostra a Chicago

16 – 18 Aprile, Chicago

Christie’s in mostra. Dal 16 al 18 Aprile presso il JW Marriott Hotel di Chicago, avrà luogo la 12^ esposizione realizzata da Christie’s in collaborazione con JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts. Più di 20 capolavori che vedremo in asta questa primavera da Christie’s, saranno in mostra all’albergo di Chicago: si va dai Dipinti del XIX secolo, agli Impressionisti e Arte Moderna, dall’arte del Dopoguerra e Contemporanea, all’Arte Americana.

Tra i lotti più importanti e di maggior richiamo, Kelly Jenness House di Edward Hopper, Les deux soeurs di William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Abstraktes build di Gerhard Richter, Etude inverséè, Nu sous les arbres, Villa Demière di Henri Manguin.

Dall’asta Impressionist and Modern Art (in programma il 9 Maggio) saranno presenti 5 opere. Tra gli artisti: Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Fernand Leger, Henri Edmond Cross, e Henri Manguin.

Henri Manguin,  Etude inversée, Nu sous les arbres, Villa Demière. Estimate- $400,000-600,000
Painted in the summer of 1905, it is a classic Fauvist work, with its painterly brushstrokes and saturated colors.


Pablo Picasso, Le Bain. Estimate $180.000-250.000
It is among the works from Andy Williams: An American Legend, a selection of artworks acquired over a sixty-year period by the beloved American crooner.

Altre cinque opere dall’asta dedicata al XIX secolo europeo (29 Aprile) saranno esposte a Chicago e permetteranno di apprezzare tutta la varietà delle diverse scuole e dei diversi stili.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau Les deux soeurs. Estimate- $1,800,000-2,800,000
It is a beautifully rendered, museum-quality painting that was executed at the height of Bouguereau’s success in 1877. One of the artist’s favorite subjects, a poised adolescent sitter looks calmly at the viewer while trying to handle her squirming toddler sister who sits on her lap.


Anders Zorn, Portrait of Adolphus Busch. Estimate- $150,000-250,000
Anders Zorn, one of the leading portraitists of his day, was commissioned to paint three American presidents, along with several members of the wealthy elite. In his consummate power portrait of the Anheuser-Busch brewer co-founder (pictured above left; estimate: $150,000-250,000), Busch is depicted as an intense businessman, a reputation that truly suited him. In addition to his triumphs in the beer industry, Adolphus became quite the Renaissance man, going on to corner the market on the manufacturing of diesel engines, becoming a bank president, and building the luxury hotel, The Adolphus, which is still in operation in Dallas today.


In mostra anche esemplari dell’Arte del Dopoguerra e Contemporanea, dal 1945 agli anni ’70, considerato uno dei periodi artistici più creativi del XX secolo. Dall’Espressionismo Astratto di New York che si sviluppò dagli ultimi anni ’50 ai primi ’70, alla Pop-Art in voga in Inghilterra e negli Stati Uniti negli stessi decenni. Tra gli artisti: Lee Krasner, Robert Mangold, Gerhard Richter, Rudolf Stingel, e Glenn Ligon.

Gerhard Richter, Abstaktes Bild. Estimate $700.000-1.000.000
It is a wonderful example of Richter’s signature style, painted in 1993, when he had fully embraced the contingency of his medium, enjoying the effects of his impulsive yet confident application of paint.


Lee Krasner, Untitled (the mouse trap). Estimate $600.000-800.000
Lee Krasner is one of the most influential female Abstract Expressionist artists and wife of Jackson Pollock.


Infine quattro lavori dall’asta in programma il 23 Maggio dedicata all’Arte Americana. Saranno esposte opere di Edward Hopper, Childe Hassam e Georgia O’Keeffe.

Edward Hopper, Kelly Jenness House. Estimate $2.000.000 – 3.000.000
It is a watercolor painting that was executed in 1932, during one of the artist’s many sojourns to Cape Cod with his wife Jo. Hopper drove around the Cape in search of subject matter, often drawing and painting from his car. This imbues works such as Kelly Jenness House with a sense of distance, making the viewer feel like a voyeur, rather than a participant in the scene.


George Bellow, Splinter Beach $700,000-1,000,000
It is a work on paper that wonderfully exhibits the artist’s association with the Ashcan School, a realist movement in which artists often chose to portray the daily ongoings of urban life.

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