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PHILLIPS de PURY. New York, 8 marzo 2012

La vendita serale di Arte Contemporanea di Phillips de Pury ha totalizzato $4,324,900 (selling 89% by value; 89% by lot). La vendita “Under the Influence” ha totalizzato $2,879,050 (selling 82% by value; 72% by lot).


Michael McGinnis, Senior Director and Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art, ha commentato: “We are very pleased with the strong results today which are a reflection of the fresh selection brought to market which has a continued appeal.”

Top Ten Lots Evening Sale:
Lot 9, CINDY SHERMAN, Untitled #426, $446,500

Lot 25, ANSELM KEIFER, Hommage à Omar Khayyám, $314,500
Lot 21, ROY LICHTENSTEIN, Brushstroke Still Life with lamp, $302,500
Lot 11, DAN FLAVIN, Untitled (to Pat and Bob Rohm), $302,500
Lot 29, TIM NOBLE AND SUE WEBSTER, Two works: Puny Undernourished Kid and Girlfriend from Hell, $242,500
Lot 22, ANDY WARHOL, Vesuvius, $242,500
Lot 23, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT, Untitled (Skull), $218,500
Lot 6, DAN COLEN, The son of a white man( Air force pilot / plantation owner), $206,500
Lot 7, STEVEN PARRINO, Untitled, $170,500
Lot 8, ANSELM REYLE, Untitled, $146,500


Artist World Records:
Lot 2 GARTH WEISER, Double circle no. 1, 2008, $43,750

Lot 4 TAUBA AUERBACH, Binary lowercase, 2006, $86,500

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